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sounds like L2P issue.
run madness tree for pvp, lightning is more for pve (unless you are like some merc fanatics who want same setup for pve and pvp and win 1vs2 and refuse to adapt to reality).
force managment for most fights is pretty simple, unless you spam dots every gcd.
you are mobile while reappling dots (plus snare), force run and spam lightning again.
you are turret class, and cast autoslow from your main attack.
if you want turret class with protection from leaps and interrupts? go sniper
want to move while attack? go PT or Assasin (or lethality sniper).
Sorcs are good there are plenty of guides, use search option.
For the love of God stop speaking useless bullshts!. We all know ( yes I speak about people who plays sorcerers actually) that sorcerers are worst class in game, Even mercs are better than him. **** and go away and enjoy ur smash while u stilll can!