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The Progenitor has been fine until recently. Since Yesterday though, people started complaining. So, my wilde guess is, that they (=EA) broke something recently, too, on Progenitor. Or maybe the server is grumpy because it didn't get its maintenance beauty sleep this week.

I have read a lot btw. about Red Eclipses instability, so my condolence to you. Hmmm... Maybe it's contagious and spread now to the Progrenitor?

Cheers, Niko
If it was yesterday, then the issue likely affected progenitor as well, Cable and wireless feeds into the europe servers, so i am not surprised there was trouble yesterday for more then just red eclipse.

Seems to be ok for me now though, some minor spike (normal ping is about 400ms for from Australia but fluctuates up to 600) is occuring still so it may not be fixed totally, personnaly i think bioware need to approach cable and wireless (vodafone) for a please explain, as what i saw occur yesterday was certainly cable and wireless at fault.

Edit - I live in Australia and my ping is doubling between Australia to Hong Kong and Europe hence average of 400ms at the servers, I wonder if it is due to SEA-ME-WE 3 getting severed on the 10th January 2013 as it links South-East Asia - Middle East - Western Europe 3 and that data had to be re-routed somehow onto other links.

Singtel have sent a repair ship to the site, expected to arrive in early February