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I think I dislike Guss Tuno the most. Bulging eyes fishhead who is also a chronic coward, an epic failure in life and doesn't say anything funny ever.

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Most unappealing....
IMO, Skadge hands down. Not only is he physically repulsive, having an appearance close to a semi-melted pile of lard, he is also a bully with no redeeming qualities such as wit or intelligence.
Heh yeah.. But I think his temper tantrums are cute ("It ain't a temper tantrum!")
I liked several of his cutscenes.
(Skadge: "Tin can wouldn't give up where he was goin'. Guess I broke it."
me: "It would be in better shape if it fell from orbit.")

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but is companion count really a good enough reason for my bounty hunter to suddenly become a frightened little wimp?
Dunno about you, but I took him aboard cause he is funny, and an extra hand is sometimes useful. Nothing about being a wimp.

I think having a guy on board who makes mouse droids go "SQUEEEE!!" is nice.
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