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01.30.2013 , 05:04 AM | #24
So i'm on the same server as you guys, open world pvp is always nice BUT

If whats going on here is 3 vs 1 ganking some guy in pve gear well... thats just patetic i mean really really patetic.
In fact i know the worst and most garbage no skillers on TOFN are for the most part imps who never have the balls
to do anything solo. I enjoy killing imps 1 on 1 but most times their coward **** team mates will always unstealth to save his ***.Sure there are a few rep players as this aswell.

The hard truth is, anyone who needs friends to kill 1 players is a coward, and this means your a coward in real life aswell. The type of person who is to patetic and weak to fight someone alone, even if you know you will lose.
And these people have to go thru life knowing they are born cowards, sio sad

Anyways the truth is the truth and nothing can triumph the truth.
Just remember if you want good pvp play fair and dont be a patetic loser/coward.

Yes i have killed easy prey myself in swtor but i do it 1 time then i move on like in this video