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thanks for the infos, Tibbel! I have a fresh lvl 50 marksmanship sniper with the typical day 1 gear (recruit+wh+tionese), and my DPS is downright horrible. Against the ops dummy I'm just around 1050 sustained, with buffs, without stims or adrenals. At that gearing level I'd expect 1300/1400.

I made my own calculations and a spreadsheet, sorting abilities by dpct and dpe, and came to a different conclusion:

Quote: Originally Posted by Tibbel;5691491

2. The sustainable rotation -- This is what we typically spend the most time doing during a fight. Since our sustained damage is limited by our energy availability, we use a rotation during these "regular" times that sustains our energy in the highest-regen bracket (60%+). During this time, we prioritize abilities based primarily on their DPE ("damage per energy"). As MM snipers, we have Followthrough, which has a DPE far higher than any of our other abilities. This leads to our prioritizing it highly during a sustained rotation, and since it has a short 6-second cooldown, we very naturally fall into a consistent cycle:[list
[*](3s of filler) - Ambush - FT[*](3s of filler) - Snipe - FT[*](3s of filler) - Snipe - FT[/list]Naturally, Takedown should be used in place of Snipe whenever possible.
We use the 3 seconds of "filler" as time to prioritize other abilities by DPE -- generally, SoS > OS > CD > EP > Snipe -- however, keep in mind that any energy regeneration that is lost during that ability's usage (by hitting the cap or dropping into a lower bracket) should also count toward that ability's energy cost. What this means in practice is often one of the filler abilities in a cycle will be Rifle Shot and one will be either OS, CD, or Explosive Probe. Making the right choice for fillers is part of what helps us deal great DPS.

If you are interested in more details and discussion about the MM rotation, stats, abilities, etc, I recommend reading through the compendium linked in my signature.
To put it even simpler: As long as the energy is at max regen (never hitting 100 %, never too low), we have the highest possible amount of energy to spend, and I should use that for the best damage/energy abilities.
They are in order:
  1. Rifle Shot (use as often as possible WITHOUT hitting full energy, which is not that often actually; worst DPCT)
  2. Ambush+followthrough
  3. Orbital Strike
  4. Ambush (when used even though followthrough is already procced and waiting for cd; not a typical situation)
  5. Series of shots
  6. laze+snipe+followthrough
  7. snipe+followthrough
  8. Corrosive Dart / Explosive Probe (prefer over 1 when in danger of hitting full power)
(Considering the DPE value followthrough alone doesn't help, because it can only be used in combination with one of the "bad" DPE abilities.)
Based on that I'd rate snipe+followthrough pretty low. The highest priority is to always use Followthrough, orbital strike, ambush and series of shots (if necessary with sniper volley).

Am I wrong? I'd really like to know, because my DPS is pretty bad, never had it that bad with a fresh 50 before.