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I find that REing in this game is pointless any way unless you are willing to sit around all day and send companions to find the mats for you. Other wize not only will you level faster than you can get the resourses for crafting and REing them up to purple you might not even have enough of the purple mats to make the final scamatic. Then once you hit 50 your crafting prof is usless to that toon you can make stuff for your other toons or sell them for low lv toons that are wanting to lv but lets face it there are other things in the game that make money faster then spending all the time and energy sending companions out to find mats that can take 30 to 50mins a pop and you can not even do them while off line cuz there is no que system for geting mats. lv 1-20 getting a scamatic should be 50% Lv 20-40 Should be 35% lv 40-50 the 20% and all rich and bountifull missions should guarentee purple returns.
I'm sorry but your post doesn't make any sense.
At level 50 if you are only semi-competent you can get filthy rich by any crafting profession. If you don't know how, it's not the systems fault.