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I've played SWTOR since July and never really had problems with it. Since Yesterday though, the stability seems to have completely vanished:
- Yesterday, Section X was unplayable due to massive Lag Spikes every 20 - 30 seconds (funny thing is, e.g. on Alderaan, Tatooine and Dromund Kaas I did not encounter even one spike in the time I test-visited them to see if it is a general problem)
- Last night, while being in a group for the False Emperor, my SWTOR client suddenly lost the connection to the server and presented me a neverending loading screen (after waiting five minutes, I had to shutdown the process manually; thankfully my team waited for me to reconnect)
- Starting today, the game crashes every 30 minutes to Desktop without any warning (my Windows event log does not mention the crashes though, which is wierd)

And before you ask: No, I did not test a new Beta driver or other new program in the last days. Also the last Windows update I did is at least two weeks old, and at that time there were no problems. Otherwise my hardware drivers have been working fine with SWTOR since July and since I did not update any of them since December, I'm sure they are not causing the crashes.

Regarding my Internet connection: As bad a game as GW2 may be (regarding class balance), I not even once had problems holding the connection to their servers. Also, I can download stuff, upload stuff, stream Videos and surf the web just fine with my apart from SWTOR completely stable Internet connection.

So, the question is, why is the connection to your server (The Progenitor) currently so shaky and unstable?

Regards, Niko
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