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01.30.2013 , 02:55 AM | #1
I write on behalf of my friend " ustycia", it today tried to pay for the month of game, but constantly a the same error leaves it: Purchase Error
An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please, try again later. {0}

It is a novice in a game and on it to wait while you half month wake to answer through mail it will not be. On it I decided it to help and write here, what to accelerate process. It has no authority to write on a forum. Problems with a card for it are not present, all information is entered correctly. I ask for a help in the decision of this problem(if you need its money however).
Write me, and I will pass to you its answers. To call in those the service it does not can also. you changed a number and now there is not possibility to call you free of charge through skayp,a from an ordinary telephone will ring very dear (call from Ukraine).

PS:Why you until now did not do possibility of purchase through webmani by non-permanent payment - one month, 3 or 6 months of game.So in fact simpler what to attach a card.