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01.30.2013 , 02:32 AM | #2
In every game I have pvp'ed a healing class in, no dps was able to kill a healer 1 on 1. Of course the healer could not kill the dps either. Usually it takes 2, sometimes even 3 dps to kill a healer in pvp. In SWTOR, any dps or tank can easily kill a sorc healer quickly. It's ridiculous. Half or more of the healing I do in pvp is trying to keep my sorc healer alive and it is so flimsy and the heals so meager compared to dps attacks that it is just silly. The only solution I have is to shelve the character until they fix it. So I have to agree with the OP, this is a sorry excuse for a character which should be fun to play. I absolutely hate playing my sorc healer in pvp. Won't do it. Smuggler or Operative can keep a sorc completely stunned and dead inside of 2-4 seconds. The sorc knows it, the smugglers and operatives know it, which is why they target sorcs. It begs the question, why doesn't BW know it? Or if they do, they do nothing? This is supposed to be pvp? No, there are too many other opportunities to have fun gaming to put up with that nonsense.