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i neither for or against sgr in tor. but i think if they introduce old companion its should be a optional download or free in the market..just my opinion on a way to appease everyone
It actually could be one of those 'marketplace' things, because one thing that struck me as particularly odd, is that you can literally change the race/color of your teammate, and nobody gets upset. I mean, for example, I like Mako being asian, I don't change her, but while I have no problem with somebody else using the 'customization' to change her to a different race, you'd think 'somebody' would be complaining about that being racist or something. But they don't, and that's good. Because its all about customizing your teammate any way you like, even if it isn't exactly 'politicly correct' to do so. So if you can use the customize option to change someone's color/race, there is absolutely no logic whatsoever why you couldn't use the customize option to allow players to change their teammate's romantic preference. And that's yet another way in which everybody wins. Your mako likes your male character, my mako likes my female character, she's not straight, she's not a lesbian, she's not bi, or anything else you can think of, she's just mako, she's whatever you want her to be. That has always been the point behind the way teammates were designed, to be very customizable, so you can truly make them your own unique teammate. This would just be one more form of customization, and quite frankly it would be a lot less controversial, theoretically anyway, than changing somebody's skin color/race. If people ever decided to take that seriously, they could get REALLY REALLY mad over something like that, race is a way more sensetive issue than two women in a romantic relationship, but happily they don't get upset about it, because its not done in any negative way, its just designed to let you customize your teammates in any way you want, and thats always a good thing. I think customization options generally have a price (though you get one for free at the beginning) so I'd say yes, the romance customization 'should' be a free option, but I wouldn't even mind if they charged for it, the same way they do for the other customization options (it isn't real money, or 'cartel money', its just regular pretend, in-game money, no big deal), however they wanted to do it would be fine with me. It really is amazing how many different ways there are to implement this, and yet we've waited well over a year for them to pick one and do it. Hopefully they'll finally pick one soon and get it done.