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To accuratly paraphrase Mr. Brooks' many contributions to all of you that are having stability issues with SWTOR:

' Bioware servers are the greatest ,most robust, servers on the planet. Any stability issues you are having with connectivity is YOUR problem. The fact you can play other MMO's without major issues. like those found while playing SWTOR, is only a figment of your wild imagination. '
I know you mean this jokingly but there is some truth to it.

The problem is most likely somewhere on the internet or the OP's ISP. I realize you say you can stream but most of the time you've got a buffer so you wouldn't notice little hiccups in connectivity for streaming.

There is nothing you can do if the problem is somewhere between you and bioware which is what I'd put money on.

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there is a problem with Dc. All who played swtor knows that.
And it is connected to the usage of the game. For some reason sometimes swtor.exe just «hang» the network line for himself and go Dc.
I've had 1 CTD since launch and every single disconnect has been my ISP because I lose my teamspeak connection with it.