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is now recruiting!

=====Looking for good people for HM TfB and NiM EC. At the moment we pug with friends from various end-game raiding guilds to clear content as smooth and as fast as possible. We normally do HM TfB in an hour and twenty minutes and NiM EC is an easy one-shot up to HWL Kephess (depending on the players we pick up).

=====We want to try out more people for our roster. We know there are people out there who are sitting idle. We know that there are people out there who are looking for an opportunity to shine up to their full potential. And we know that there are plenty of people who can not afford to wipe because it takes up a lot of time off their real lives.

=====Hard Mode isn't Hard and NiM doesn't have to be one. Send Mauull a message if you are up for it. Invites are sent out at 7 PM PST (7:30 the latest). Cya around!

=====Vexo ( /gquit )

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