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01.30.2013 , 12:46 AM | #21
Which server do you play on ? i wouldn't mind lvling a toon there to see what happens ?

I can count my DCs on one hand , 99% was my adsl dropping and the last was the red eclipse the other day but that was certainly cable and wireless, i couldn't even download a 1mb file from until the issue with red eclipse was fixed, my path went into cable and wireless to get to the servers.

I run i7 3930k 16gb ram win 7 64bit 670gtx on a SSD for OS

Edit- the problem with tracert and pathpings is that you only see half the picture with asymetrical routing, you do not see the return path especially if they are using MPLS which most backbones do, if your interested google reverse traceroute,

Have a read of this pdf , especially asymmetric paths