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Are you talking about the crash that 32 bit users experience after 1 -2 hours per chance ?
Im talking about DC issues that i have on my PC. And i dont have experienced real game CTD for almost a 8 month now.
From the game start (a year ago) till late summer i dont have any issues with DC aswell.

Then was infamous server consolidation and i started to suffer from random DC. After the game went F2P the situation with DC became worse.
Then came another patch and situation stabilized. I could get one DC a day that maybe because of «network path errors» you are mention.
Then another patch - and situation became broken again - the more heavier the server load - the more frequent DC.
To gather statistics i have run pathping-like app in background. And while not playing swtor there was absolutelly no issues with network. There were some occasional spikes sometimes but not as hard and long that could cause any inconvenience to any network app ( i.e. ping at some node is jumping from ~15 to 150).

Before the last patch the DC issue s was really bad. Right after the patch - DCs are become rare, but i got «infinite loading screen».

So this is definitely a swtor.exe problem. Not a some fictional «network path».
Yes. It could be a network path errors also. But currently, DCs that caused by network path errors are somewhere less than 2% of all DCs..

And if you wonder about my PC - it is not top-notch, but it serves:
Win 7 64pro, 16Gb, i5-2500K, Nvidia GTX560Ti, swtor on SSD drive.
Have all settings at Max, got ~ 50FPS in average at heavy loaded areas.
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