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Most of the stuff is already covered by others, so I will only add this one. I know people don't noticed this much because under ideal circumstances, the adds die too fast for anyone to notice, but this is the trend/pattern I noticed in SWTOR trash pulling.

Generally, in a mixed group, I find that the weaker mobs have special abilities that makes them more dangerous than their apparent rank. For example, if you look at the first trash pull in the False Emperor FP, you will notice 2 Elite droids, 2 Strong Sith marauders and 3 Standard Imperial Troopers. The Imperial Troopers are equipped with very fast firing rifles that deals damage every half a second. The Sith have force leap that will root their target for 2 seconds and they like to follow it up with Force Choke. The Elites however, have the least special ability, which is just a simple knock-back.

Due to their special traits, the 3 Imperial troopers will actually do the most DPS (note damage per second, means over a period of time if left alive) than the 2 Elites combined due to their rate of fire. Due to their speed of their shooting, their damage will quickly stack up and if they are shooting at the healer, they will cause serious spell push-back effect on them.

Sith Marauders come with 3 sec channeling Force Choke which they like to spam on their target. Even if their target used the CC breaker skill, it is not uncommon that the tank will get chain Force Choked because there are 2 of them. When the tank or worse, the healer is getting choked, they won't be able to do their job, which will result in a wipe.

The above is just a single example. If you observe carefully in SWTOR, you will noticed that weak mobs tends to serve the role as "CC-er", "De-buffer", "Buff-er" or "Specialist (ones with special weapons like Heat Beams, Full Auto weapons, heavy artillery etc. etc.)" which will make your experience in SWTOR significantly harder if you let them live. Hence, that's another reason why you target the lowest ranked mob in the pack first.