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That....I... what?

This ain't EVE this is supposed to be about a story and choose your adventure and blah, blah, blah. It is not and has never been about the PvP because otherwise all the money they spend on VO was even more wasted than it already is.

As far as PvE means anything for PvP it means "opt in" PvP putting PvE only content in PvP areas negates that very deliberate design decision in favour of allowing ganking. In fact the only people this benefits are the gankers - it annoys the PvE people who just want the story content and it doesn't benefit decent PvP players because there is no reward or challenge in completing the task.
If the game is about story then why does the story advancement now come in form of raids the vast majority of pvp players and even pve casuals will never do? How many pugs you reckon successfully completed TFB or even EC?

Where is the revolt against forcing a player like me, that came from kotor for the story, to get a guild and grind up gear so that an ops team will then schlep me for 2.5 hours of fighting kneecaps of giant robots/monsters, so that I can see what this game is all about, story? And you're moaning bout a couple events/world bosses? First world problems pal.

I think that this forcefeeding of pve endgame content makes the necessity to do a mad 800m dash from the entrance of the pvp area to the HK1 area green field/safe zone pale in comparison. But yea, YOU are the segment of the population that's constantly getting forced into something they didnt sign up for to forward story and access new content. My hearts really bleeds for you.