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You have two things occuring,

First is the disconnects and is normally network path caused, logging into a different server region should confirm this.
Second is the bug which is going to loading screen on disconnect (bug)

Your wow comment obviously means your IT background is not in networking have a talk to the network guys at microsoft they will be able to confirm this for you , it is network 101.
What he basically is saying is that his computer is up to date and running on the latest drivers. His IT background provide knowledge that he can configure his PC himself.
And no, your comment are not helping fix the problem.

What we have with swtor is an attempt to fix a źDC bug╗... The fix went not as flawless as it could be.
Prior to the last patch, i suffer from frequent DC-s. And my knowledge in IT suggest me that source of the DC problem was swtor.exe.
After the patch i have a much less DC. But now i have an infinite loading screen whenever DC is happen.

So.. It could be a networkpath dependent, but as patch proves - it is more likely swtor.exe causing this problems. And Devs are on the right path to solve this problem.
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