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You obviously didn't play wow at launch. They had huge queues and very little server up time. Their servers were constantly crashing and when they were up they were VERY laggy. Blizzard even issued free days of game time to everyone because of all the downtime the first week or two. SWTOR's launch has actually been one of the smoothest I have seen. They have over 110 US servers in place and many of those are not full. If you choose to play on a very populated server, there will be queue times until they can adjust the population caps and maintain stability. Next time you want to rant and expect some sort of special treatment because you spent $200 maybe you should have your facts a little straighter. My props go to BioWare for a very smooth and successful launch.
You call this a smooth launch? Hundreds of people saying they didn't get product registration codes, crashes, lag, server ques, and multiple other issues does not constitute as "smooth". Even though you may not be experiencing problems there are many that are with legitimate complaints and problems.