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01.29.2013 , 10:57 PM | #25
try somthing like
-jugg tank
-sin tank
-op healer
-sorc healer ( bubble if against heavy melee)
-hybrid snipers x2
- smash mara x2 ( 1 with mobile respec for carn pred)

run this line up becuase will snipers dominate in range dps they also have the most CC and defensive moves from melee, while in hybrid they blow people up while having AOE, since they have orbital they can place it on nodes in a roatation preventing cap
we run 2 maras becuase they survive alot longer than juggs and can both respec carn for huttball or just provide 2 regular predations. smash is so so inportant to have, it downs people when clumped and cuases the tanks and healers to freak out becuase 4 people dropped to 1/3 thier health while dps are blowing 1 player inparticular up
this is a hard line-up to master but very effective
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