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Okay I get that sorcerers are suppose to be flimsy and all, but why are they like the worst class in the game. The only thing they can do is heal. Sorcerers have been nerfed at least 3 times already. And why do I say this?

1. You get the worst defense in the game. While other classes have medium armor or stealth, we get the wonderful 2k protection of static barrier! Wow amazing! You're dead 1 second later. Not to mention they only have 1-2 main stuns.
2. Worst skills. Now you are like wait, that is not true. But look: Many bosses have force immunities. Also in pvp, well you are screwed because it seems just about every other class has force damage/ability removal skills or temporary immunities to it. Also their best abilities have cast times which can always be interrupted.
3. Worst dps of all of the dps classes. Yes they can heal, but I want to do something BESIDES THAT. What good is a character that will die almost instantly if they can't even do the most damage.
4. Obviously... worst pvp class in the game. And no, you can't even heal then.
5. Worst mobility. You would think force speed would fix this issue. NOPE, in order to make yourself 'useful', you have to stand in the same spot forever, while the enemy runs around you, either interrupting you or forcing your attacks to cancel. Oh yeah almost forgot, then you die.
6. After you lose all of your force, your dead. There is no way to regain your force (yes other than waiting), besides taking away your health at the cost of slower force regeneration.
7. Why the .... is this class the only one that moves while it is regenerating its health and force. Who was the person who came up with Seethe? Did you know it will cancel and say fail if your character steps on a crack or something. And no, Jedi Consulars do not move then they recuperate while they are suppose to be mirrored classes, nor do any other classes. And yes YOU CAN DIE FROM THIS: falling off a ledge, your pvp enemy sees you moving while you are hiding and failing to regenerate, you try to regenerate near a wall but fail and then destroy your keyboard.
----- The worst part is that they will probably be nerfed again because people seem to think they are still OP. Yes, the shiny lightning looks intimidating, but its not that scary if you look at it more carefully.

Now what is the point of all of this? I want sorcerers to get some major buffs when the level cap goes up to lvl 55. I also do not want sorcerers to be nerfed anymore. I want some sort of advantage over some class in some form, examples: DPS may be good, faster character, can absorb health from others, make static barrier stronger. Could please, please, something be done?