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slightly off topic, but what spec do you guys usually have your sniper run on which map? Actually in general and more relevant to the topic, what do snipers bring to the table that makes them an asset in ranked teams? I'm asking because I'm a bit new to this game and one of the best teams on my server runs with no snipers.
When a sniper is in cover, a sith warrior cannot force charge towards them. Furthermore, the sniper has several knock backs and stuns and roots (to mitigate damage done to them). A marksmanship sniper (burst damage) kills things fast and hard, most specifically, marauders and sorcerers.

Engineering snipers are excellent solo node deniers. They can solo a node and call for back up. They are also more likely to kill tanks than marksmanship.

Leathality snipers are the most mobile but for ranked, I wouldn't recommend them as their poisonous moves can be cleansed.

Also snipers provide an armour debuff and a brief healing debuff that can be useful for focus fire.