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01.29.2013 , 09:39 PM | #1
I recently asked which Guardian tree spec would be best for leveling a character with the help of pvp. Basically queing for pvp while doing quests and joining whenever i get the chance. I don't care about 50 pvp or ops and raids i just want to level a character and do the occasional flashpoint/heroic but they are not a priority.

So basically, which would be better for that? Guardian or Sent? Also which tree of that advanced class is best for what i want? I guess i should also mention i'd like to use Kira as my main companion which i know is better for guardians but at the same time i wouldn't be a tanking guardian since im an mmo noob and probably can't handle all the micromanage.

With a level 15 guardian right now i felt really weak with defense spec and even vigilance spec only putting up 50-80k damage but with my gunslinger and powertech (levels 12 and 16) i put up 150k+ dmg.