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i like the star trek remake

it seems only snobs hate it
Funny, I could say that snobs are the ones defending it...

JJ destroyed almost 50 years of story and character development for a shoot 'em up and sex drive flick with lens flare. Everything in ST 2009 was virtually wrong in every aspect; the exception being the way planet Vulcan was portrayed before the Death Star...err Narada destroyed it.

The additional obvious fact was that JJ was never a Star Trek fan and even stated it multiple times. He put a ton of Star Wars refs in the film and pretty much copied Ep IV entirely. If he never did Star Trek 2009 and the new film which will destroy Wrath of Khan I would be more ok with him directing Ep VII ...but no, he sacrificed a franchise so it would look "cool" and then tried to hide any source of criticism with a veil of "oh this is a different reality."

As a movie, I'd give it a 6/10, Star Trek wise...I'd rather watch ST V over that PoS. The fact that people want Star Trek to stay a beacon of future peace and a driving force to eliminate the troubles our planet has to deal with is not snobbish at all. It is unfortunate that Star Trek with be nothing but "omg shoot em dead!" messages now.

Also the plotholes were larger than the red matter - supernova backstory.....the Temporal Agency exists still...and everyone knew that the Narada was from another timeline and from the future....what stopped them from fixing that error in the new timeline...?