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<Galactic Saviors> is a republic guild. we are dedicated to preserving freedom and justice and all for which the Republic stands for. We shall fight the Empire until our last breath, and we won't stop til the Empire is defeated. We engage the enemy together in warzones across the galaxy, from the Novare Coast to the Ancient Hypergates. We fight them in flashpoints missions of highest importance to the Republic. We help eachother on missions, and help you gather strength to make it all the way to the top. So come and join us. Head to your local recruitment center today! Recruiters such as Guildmaster Spaceboomer or his second in command Deskend are standing by in the afternoons. Ask in fleet chat for us, and we will answer your call. If you have questions, send me a private message through my account profile.

UPDATE: WE got mumble and are recruiting pilots for space pvp.It is our intention to group up to go into space combat together as well for those interested in doing so, but we also group for ground pvp too
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