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I have a few characters that I have been using for the sole purpose of being a crafting mule. My main has the 3 gathering professions of archeology, bioanalysis, and scavenging. The problem that I am running into is that my main cannot seem to keep up with the demand of just the regular green items that I find when questing in the world.

1. With that said, is there a real benefit for me to have one of my crafting mules run scav/arch/bio missions or a waste of time?

2. Are there mats that can only be obtained when running missions for bio, scav, arch? Or are all materials found in the missions available in the world?

3. What happens when you crit these missions?

4. Would I be better off running UT missions and using the profit to buy these green mats instead?

Thank you in advance for your insight.


1. if you have extra cash, always have your companions on missions. this gets you more materials, which you'll always need.
2. sure, stuff like Flux (scavenging), forget what the other professions need. solutions, cortosis (archeology). sure it can be vendor bought but it's FAR cheaper to get them via missions.
3. using Thermo Flux as an mission will bring in about 25-30. a critical will bring in 40+ flux
4. i almost never buy materials on the gtn, simply because the prices are usually stupid. sure you can pay 90k for a stack of Aluminum or Bondite, or you can get it free by farming in about 30 minutes. send companions on missions while farming, hoard what they bring in for crafting or sell on the gtn.
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