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01.29.2013 , 08:33 PM | #1
Ran a character through The Black Talon. Got to the end of the mission where you make the choice between Dromund Kass and a return to Fleet. BOOM! Crash to desktop. 4 times, DK chosen twice, Fleet chosen twice - irrelevant. BOOM! Back to desktop. Logged back in a 5th time. Tried to submit a ticket. NO! Ticket system error, please try again when you don't mind throwing your money away on something that doesn't work. Back to desktop. Reload launcher a 6th time. Tried to repair. NO! Repair isn't clickable. Can't even highlight the words. So Black Talon doesn't work, can't report it, can't repair it. Can't get cartel coins fdor being a subscriber, can't get any of the flashpoints to work, and there's nothing but cobwebs and cockroaches in the bug reporting office because no one even responds to those pesky little things anymore. Jesus. When did World of Warcraft buy out LucasArts and Bioware?