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01.29.2013 , 08:25 PM | #62
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I can't be bothered rolling another pub toon, its so boring.

If anyone has rolled IMPS on Bastion give my level 49 assassin 'Tranquility' a whisper and we'll slay yanks.
I've rolled a Repub Sentinel (Focus build lololol) on Bastion and linked up with <The Elite> there. Toon's name is "Eliteduelist."

It's actually fun leveling again since all the planets have a lot of people to level with. Can't say much about the PvP since I'm not 50 yet, but the lowbie Imps are terribad. I've gotten to Valor 21 so far and I've only lost (2) warzone matches so far.

My only concern about this server is that we're not really on during "their" primetime, so this may mean it will be hard to face their top players.