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I am having the same issue since the patch on Friday. I upgraded my 680M drivers from Nvidia this morning but it didn't help. I get the exact same loading screen right after I noticed my latency meter go red and had an X on it. I can still access the internet from my browser and everything else is ok.

Having an extensive IT background (Senior Engineer at Microsoft) I know it is not my system. I have been playing WoW most of the weekend without any latency issues. I have a feeling there is a memory leak or something in the latest patch.
You have two things occuring,

First is the disconnects and is normally network path caused, logging into a different server region should confirm this.
Second is the bug which is going to loading screen on disconnect (bug)

Your wow comment obviously means your IT background is not in networking have a talk to the network guys at microsoft they will be able to confirm this for you , it is network 101.