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Week #7 - 4/06/13 (Saturday, duh) 7PM PST
Taral V
Balmorra Heroics
Maaaaaaybe the Alderaan boss. Depends on if people keep up with their leveling! You have two weeks!
Recommended level: 33

Week 6 - The Epic, The Silly
Week 5 -The Classy, The AWESOME
Week 3 - Our first world boss
Week 2 - We started small

If you have TS downloaded, Salturday people are welcome to hang out as we go through these quests.


Ever wanted to get a level 50 republic character? Want another one? Ascension Strikes Back is hosting weekly Salturdays!

"Salturday" is a weekly event designed to get as many people from Begeren Colony hanging out, leveling together, having fun, and leveling their characters at the same time. We started pretty small, but we've been growing to complete world boss quests each week as well as splitting up into groups for flashpoints and heroics. It's not unusual to gain about 3 levels (and a lot of fun!) in 2 hours

Check this weekly thread for where will we be starting. Luckily, due to double experience, not as much leveling is required between each week, though you should probably still complete your class quests to keep on track. I will update this thread with updated information as it becomes available.