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This is essentially the opposite of everything I have found as a tank. As a vanguard I have a lot of aoe at my disposal, which means I pretty much prefer to run flashpoints without CC. As such, I generally operate on the idea that a sticky grenade or aoe taunt alone will keep the regular or weak mobs occupied long enough to get dead.

If the dps decides instead to all pile on the 1-2 elites then the healer is worked harder, making it more likely for some small sub mob to break off me and onto the healer, which means I have to see the healer's health go down, identify the breakaway, break rotation to pick him up, then return. All the while taking 5-6 mobs worth of attacks.

If instead dps simply assumes Weakest--> strongest kill priority then by and large the weak mobs will be dead before the taunt wears off/sticky grenade aggro is lost/etc.

In an operation if the dps doesn't stick on the tank's target then all of a sudden trash is going to hit hard enough to either overtax the healer or get the dps dead.

Whilst everyone has their own opinion, personally reading through your list I'd have to say I would probably rather not run content with you as my tank.
Totally aggre.

Many mobs in flashpoints have 5-7k health. DPS that are skilled can easily burn these down without taking any damage, dependent on gear you can almost 1hit these ads. And if DPS gets aggro many of us have defensive cooldown(STUNS, increase defense)

Its just insanely stupid to have these mobs alive while killing a 30k target.. Since its alot of dmg on group, even if tank manage do hold aggro, and its very easy for someone to break away and turn to healer..