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01.29.2013 , 06:15 PM | #1
1st off Hello community, unlucky that I have to start with this section.

As mentioned in the title I'm facing rather annoying lag spikes and random disconnects from the server.
I'm playing on The Red Eclipse server only (IGNs: Insiria, Kyrae, Asathis) and have a total of few months of game play behind me which of course has been featured by above mentioned. I used to don't care about it very much, maybe because I was a F2P so I couldn't get an individual solution on forums.
Finally my patience has run out and I'm tired of all this, I really love the game, even set up 180 subscription option but how I'm supposed to enjoy end game features and all the other aspects when I'm facing such thing. I demand, yes demand a solution for this problem. I have no problems streaming videos to my PS3 whole day long neither downloading large quantities of files or in any other way using my internet thus my connection is "perfect" if it matters my ISP is UPC Ireland and I'm currently on 30Mb/s plan with them which I think is enough for SW:TOR.

The game runs fine until it "decides" to get itself a lag spike (highest of 60000+ms) and usually when it reaches 35k ms simply disconnect me from the server, but that's not the end of the story. Upon disconnection I'm stuck at loading screen which after few minutes of waiting for a change is just pointless so I'm forced to force close the application. Sometimes it just close or should I say crash to the desktop without any feedback. Just before I started this thread I've been in a warzone which my team would win yet I didn't make it to the end as I got lagged so yet another commendation prize flew away. I do not mean to advertise in any way but World of Warcraft runs without any issues no matter how long I play.

Gonna go back online and play until next d/c.

Please help me sort out this issue asap.