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om nom nom Nox! <3

*shamelessly joins fanclub*
I am the best. *preens*

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Ravaaaaaaaaage, you're so adorable. Smolder more, Ravage. I love a man who smolders angstily.
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Ravage and Nox...awesomeness
At some point, I think I actually stopped thinking of the whole Nox/Ravage ship as a joke and started taking it seriously as an actual pairing with actual feelings involved... I have no idea when that happened.

Two - Dark Sunrise
Sith Intelligence Headquarters, Dromund Kaas
19 ATC

Drusilla Ven’rai, better known as Watcher Twenty, kept her head down and her eyes fixed on her console. That was the safe thing to do, the sane thing to do. Too many people had disappeared already. She had no desire to join that number.

She looked at the console without really seeing it. The symbols on the screen blurred in her vision. Numbers, figures, letters. Hard, quantifiable data. She was good with that. Processing it all was simple—too simple. This was busywork, nothing challenging about it. At least it gave her ample opportunity to think.

It occurred to her, as it often had of late, that she could have left. She could have fled the planet while she still had the chance, and joined the Imperials opposing Jadus. Intelligence was working frantically on discovering their location, but they’d had little luck.

Drusilla knew that she could have left, but she had chosen to remain. Frankly, it was easier this way. Life was still routine, even if it was a routine under an even worse tyrant than the Emperor had been, and routine was comfortable.

What makes Jadus worse, anyway? she wondered. What makes him so different?

The difference, when one thought about it, was obvious. The Emperor had ruled from the shadows, entrusting the details to his many-tiered hierarchy of minions. Jadus, as always, preferred a more direct approach.

On the one hand, it meant that the Empire now existed in a new epoch of fear. On the other hand… Sith Intelligence had all the power, now. No more arguing with thick-headed Moffs who wouldn’t know what to do with a field report if it came with illustrated instructions. No more barely civil negotiations with the Ministry of Logistics. When Intelligence gave the word, the rest of the Empire scrambled to obey.

She had to admit, it was rather nice to be on top of the heap, for a change.

“Watcher Twenty.” Keeper’s cool voice broke into her thoughts and nearly made her jump out of her skin.

Focus, she told herself. She turned to face the other woman, snapping to attention. “Sir.”

“Status report,” Keeper said.

Drusilla summarized her activities glibly as she examined her superior. Keeper looked tired. The dark circles under her eyes looked almost like bruises, her eyes were bloodshot, and she seemed even paler than usual. Several strands of silver had appeared in her hair that had not been there a month ago.

“…and that’s all, sir,” Drusilla finished. She hesitated for a moment. “Sir, if I may ask…shouldn’t a Minder be handling this? These are internal affairs, approvals of requisition requests…not really the kind of thing I normally look at.”

Keeper sighed. “I can’t let you work on operations until your clearance has been processed.”

“Lovely,” Drusilla said darkly. “And when might I expect to go back to being useful, sir?”

“I don’t know,” Keeper snapped. “It’s hectic, trying to get everything reorganized, and—“ She snapped her jaw shut.

Probably realized that she was saying too much, Drusilla thought. “Do you really need to redo my clearance? After all, the likelihood of my being disloyal is virtually none, considering—“

Virtually none, Watcher,” Keeper interrupted. “It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility.” Her lip curled ever so slightly. “You have demonstrated…aberrant behavior in the past.”

“What, because I managed to escape Qirren’s clutches with a few shreds of actual personality intact?” Drusilla asked lightly. “Which is more than some people can say…”

“You’re out of line, Watcher,” Keeper snapped.

“I do apologize,” Drusilla murmured. “Sir.”

Keeper’s scornful expression increased in intensity. “Get back to work.”

“Yes, sir,” Drusilla said without a hint of mockery—well, maybe a small hint—and turned back to her console.

Let’s see, what’s next… Request for approval by the Ministry of Logistics to replace all banners in the city so that the Imperial crest is purple instead of red. Stars help me.

In case anyone's forgotten, Drusilla, like Keeper, is the product of genetic manipulation. Qirren refers to the name of the doctor in charge of the project.
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