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The problem with all MMOs is that all resources are infinitely unlimited - given enough time and effort anyone can get any amount of any thing effectively out of thin air. This includes in-game currency, which in the case of SWTOR is credits (quests are the most common source of credits from nowhere). In order to combat this money sinks are put into the game. removal of mods from custom gear is one such money sink; so are repair bills, traveling in your ship or via taxi service, and even crew skill missions. High cost money sinks are intended as a deterrent. That being said, BioWare did realize that their initial mod removal costs were too extreme and lowered them.

As to your specific circumstance...why did you not just add an augment slot to the war hero gear you bought? That would have cost you 20% as much (~30k to buy the augment kit and another 30k to install it). I assume the answer is that you like the look of the crafted gear better. Well, that is a price you have to weigh...Is it worth the credits to look the way you want? Some say yes, some say no.

Furthermore, I agree with iEuthanasia that BioWare has already reduced the costs radically and are OK where they are now. Yes, if you are not a subscriber, which means you have credit total limits, it may mean that you have to spend your entire "bank account" to swap mods from one piece of gear to another.