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Chapter 21

Dark Council chambers, Korriban
115 days ABDK

Methic stood, arms crossed, just inside the Council chambers, Jaesa at his side. Quinn and Vette stood guard outside, ensuring no one could enter–or, he thought–leave, without Methic’s permission.

Darth Nox stood in the center of the room, holding his head and groaning. His large Dashade friend was standing at his shoulder, a protective servant. That was bad.

“How do you so summon the Emperor’s Wrath?” Methic growled.

“Because,” Darth Marr replied calmly, “Darth Nox was found like this on Vaiken Spacedock by his Dashade assassin. He does not remember anything about being a Sith Lord.”

“So?” Methic felt a thrill of fear bite his heart.

“So, he was last seen…with you.”

“And if that is the case? I am the Emperor’s Wrath and I will not be questioned.”

“You do not deny being with him before he took to this supposed amnesia, then?”

“I don’t.”

Marr nodded. “I see.”

“You don’t believe me,” Methic noted.

“As you said. Who am I to question the Emperor’s Wrath? On the other hand, the Dashade…”

Suddenly, the door whooshed open. Vette and Quinn walked in with an acolyte bearing a message. He ran up to Marr and handed him the datapad. For a moment it looked as though Marr would execute him, but he just waved the acolyte out of the chamber.

“Our spy among the Dread Masters has reported. We have located where they will attack. Methic, Lord Nox, you will handle it. We will transmit the location to your ships. Go.”

Keldabe, Mandalore
115 days ABDK

Dha was about to leave the metallurgist store when he saw a Chiss across the street–a startlingly familiar Chiss. He pulled his blaster out and stormed over.

“Cipher Nine, isn’t it?” Dha hissed.

The Chiss looked up. “Ah. I remember you.” He sighed. “I suppose I should’ve expected this. Name’s Agent Merok, actually.”

“Right.” Dha raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?”

Merok sighed. “I suppose you hold no allegiance to the Empire. The truth is, I am sowing seeds of anti-Imperial resistance.”

Dha considered and lowered his blaster. “Okay. Just don’t bother–”

There was an abrupt explosion. Dha jerked his head up, as did Merok. His eyes widened as they saw five Dreadnaughts entering Mandalore’s atmosphere.

“No. No…” Dha turned and bolted for his speeder and pulled out his comlink. “Torian! Protect Mako! Get to Keldabe. We have a fight on our hands.”

* * *

Dankin walked out of the cantina beside Akaavi. Guss, Corso, Bowdaar, and Risha were following when an explosion rocked the building. Dankin had his blasters in hand in an instant.

Down the street, he saw Backblast and Dinua run out of the hospital. Backblast took off down the street toward the spaceport, no doubt to retrieve his armor from Dankin’s ship.

“Imperials,” Akaavi hissed.

Dankin looked up and saw the Dreadnaughts firing on Keldabe. He squinted as he saw a symbol on the underside of the Dreadnaughts. A disturbingly familiar symbol…

“Not Imperials,” he said. “The Dread Masters.”