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01.29.2013 , 03:52 PM | #2
I AGREE! I sent BW a personal message asking them to please lower the cost to pull an augment or make it free. Especially since it's already bound, I already worked hard for it and I don't want to pay for something that's already mine! I recently bought some cartel market gear, which I like the concept because most of it is cool looking stuff that you don't need to wait till end game to get. But when I went to pull the slots off my champion gear that I spent lots of time getting early on in the game with my main lvl 50, I saw that it would cost 6180 per slot, so times that by three per item, and wow that's a lot of money for something I already worked for!
I'm a pretty casual gamer, I'm married, have a kid, so I don't get to play a ton, so maybe that's why I'm frustrated when I realize i can't have cool gear etc just because i can't play everyday for 8 hrs a day! SO my request is pleas lower the cost or eliminate the cost to move augment slots, it would make the augment able armor system much better! plus i think the community would see a greater variety in the look of characters instead of identical twins running around everywhere! Thanks!
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