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This issue just started today and has been happening about once an hour. While playing through the dailies with my wife today, the game has automatically gone to the secondary loading screen. (The one you see when boarding your ship, for example.) The wheel on the right hand corner spins, but the bar never moves from its initial position. This happened during End of Torvix and in Section X with one character, and almost immediately after I logged in with another character on Voss.
this has been going on for me for a few days now along with other issue I have posted in other posts, I will be in game doing something then for no reasons the loading screen pops up I have to Ctrl alt dele out of it then log back in .. + over along play time when I log off , I posted in a post were others have this issue to I may get a black screen the mouse is there I can move it , but can not do anything else on my PC ., At that point I have to Ctrl alt dele then restart the PC and or even worse the Pc just shuts down when I try to log off the game ...