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Actually, its the person I quoted that you really want to reply to. Nothing personal, but the bashing does get tiresome. I feel your pain, but I move past it. Some were annoying, some worse. However, in a thread about a different topic, bashing EA/Bioware over bugs was just a bad spot to do it. I think many of us just wanted to focus on the thread and the new content many are excited about.... Your not wrong to make a stink and feel justified, just pick a better spot...
Fair point; I was vaguely excited about the reputation mechanic when they announced it it's just every time it CTDs, every time I allocate time but can't play because they can't keep servers up and every time I lose progress because of issues they don't fix a little excitement drains away....

In fact here we go:

"That looks very interesting I can see myself having quite a lot of fun with the rep system depending on how it is implemented and hey new SP content so I am giving this a tentative thumbs up. I think the last content they announced I was looking forward to was the Chevin event so I'm excited by this.

Please, please, please let them have QA'd it properly. "

My original comment on the announcement of 1.7 which I guess can stay as my response to this (it was posted in a long dead thread pre sticky).