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Can't show you a game without bugs but I can show you several where there are no known issues that cause a CTD, where it isn't impossible to complete flagship content, where advertised additions to the game work, where adding additional companions in an RPG doesn't cause class quests to crash, where...

Do you want me to continue or do you get the general idea? There are products with very few bugs (usually commercial software), then there is most triple A games, then there's other games, then there's Betheseda and somewhere below some student's IT homework they wrote on the bus is this.
Actually, its the person I quoted that you really want to reply to. Nothing personal, but the bashing does get tiresome. I feel your pain, but I move past it. Some were annoying, some worse. However, in a thread about a different topic, bashing EA/Bioware over bugs was just a bad spot to do it. I think many of us just wanted to focus on the thread and the new content many are excited about.... Your not wrong to make a stink and feel justified, just pick a better spot...