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Our normal group has 2 sin tanks, a merc DPS, ptech dps (me), Mara and a sniper. 2 sorc heals or a sorc and an op usually.

I do the taunt swap on my ptech, so of course on firebrand. We actually push the phases through on firebrand instead of stormcaller. Between me and the merc usually no problem with it, though we have sniper do his orbital on fire instead of storm. On storm caller adds, merc knocks em out and we aoe them, ptech aoe+10meter attacks works great for this. The sin on our side will sometimes pull one back in. On storm side they kill the non-bomb first, get second low and sniper knocks it out and finishes it off.

Storm caller is usually at like 10-15% when fire dies, and starts spam casting "ultimate destruction" on the tanks. They swap back and forth to slow debuff and we burn him down.

I guess everyone seems to push phases on storm instead of fire, while we do the other way around, but it seems to work for us. /shrug.
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