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Some people are so easily pleased.

Lot's of "It looks awesome" on here. What looks awesome? They barely showed anything.

BioWare still hasn't said anything other then constantly repeat the name of the planet and the word Hutt.
What did show us is Makeb, the city, the surroundings, the airships etc. And his inhabitants, most importantly the guards and the Hutt. I thought all of that 'looks awesome' - the visuals are stunning and the planet itself is very original looking (I looked at the new concept art too) and it looks like they've altogether upped the game concerning design.

Sure we didn't see anything else e.g. gameplay, story - all we saw was the environment, which was awesome. Hope that answers your question.

Not that that really matters anyway, it is a 'teaser' trailer and likely the first of many. You just have to be patient. And guess what? If you pay 6 you get to see the whole thing!

(And don't say you want to make sure you get your money's worth, 6 for an entire planet is a bargain - considering I'm aware that DmC are charging 4 for a couple of 'Dante' skins)