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I don't really see how Dorne is an improvement over Jorgan in terms of attitude. While Dorne says that Jorgan is abrasive, she's not exactly motherly and sweet to other soldiers herself - notice how everyone on Taris wants her to get the hell out of their way because of how obnoxious she is in citing regulations instead of just letting you work?
I think the whole point of the choice is that it's not really an easy one to make (it wasn't for me) I don't know if everyone else chose to have a converation with both of them before making the descision (something I'm glad they put in there) but they each really do have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Although, to me it seems like Jorgan is the 'canon choice'. If you let General Garza pick she chooses Jorgan pretty much without even blinking.

I chose Jorgan cause his attitude changed since we first met and he respects you and the chain of command even though he's bitter about the whole thing. I would have picked Dorne cause I kinda dig her style but my Trooper doesn't trust her (yet).