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??? Really?
Most Europeans - even the native English speakers - speak multiple languages - not tongues - languages. It is a reality of living in Europe.

Tongues I believe are the sounds certain religious folk make when communicating in a manner that noone but themselves understand and those around them then choose to interpret in a manner of their choosing.

Rather offensive to call old languages, tongues just because you find yourself uni lingual, don't you think?

Why does it annoy you if someone makes a few comments in language that is not English?
Perhaps it would behoove you to be more tolerant of European culture when on European servers. As the saying goes "When in Rome..."
Oh whoops, missed responding to this in a timely manner. First, sorry it was just meant as a (bad) joke, making fun of myself for not knowing the difference, I didn't mean for it to be offensive. So again I apologize if it read as offensive or derogatory to you.

Secondly, I did in fact say "more than a few comments" which would indicate leeway for a bit of back and fourth, question and answer, perhaps a followup question and answer. I generally assume that player isn't as comfortable with their English and probably feels it would be faster and more accurate to get an answer in their NL. I was referring to those that carry on for a while with chit-chat and banter. It's still an English server after all. They also get asked, by others, to please stop on many occasions. So unless there is some huge influx of Americans on EU servers, it's fellow Europeans asking them to stop speaking in a language other than English.

Lastly lol I'm quite 'tolerant'. In fact I find the chat on English servers, in general, more mature and game related than can be found on US counterparts.