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This has been happening in MMOs since day one; it is NOT limited to this game. It is called "internet anonymity." Individuals think that because they are acting behind the guise of an "avatar" they can do and say whatever they want. Another issue is that while players affected by their bad behavior can report them, there is nothing that CS can really do to resolve the issue:

- if it is a respawning quest objective a CS rep cannot respond in a timely fashion anyway; the object respawns in a time frame FAR shorter than a CS rep can get to your ticket.
- if it is a loot chest or a gathering crew skill node a CS rep cannot track what was looted and give it to you; you do not know what was in fact in the box or node to begin with so there is no way for a CS rep to determine what in the offenders inventory came from that box/node. This is further complicated by the fact that most of it is probably sold to a vendor or on the GTM or used in crafting.

The end result is that 99.999999% of players affected by these jerks do nothing. And this lack of response to bad behavior only emboldens the jerks more.

It sucks, but this behavior will go on so long as the person behind the keyboard remains anonymous.
I always put them on blast in general chat. Also, I will challenge them to a duel. Not that I can defeat everyone with my toon but my hope is that they see that I found their behavior offensive and rude. Of course I wind up either dueling or getting rejections from lots of people lol
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