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There is no pvp in the open world areas on pve servers where we on pvp servers have it. If you then are suggesting that they remove the two dedicated pvp areas, one that is for end game, you will have a riot on your hands for BW removing an end game pvp area where pvp servers will have extra content.
No, that is really not at all what I am saying.

Have not been saying several times now in fact.

All I have been saying is that bioware is pushing PvP gameplay even on PvE servers, by putting both factions more and more together into the same zones as they progress. On PvP servers the players are flagged automatically, but everything about the game design and communications from the developers make it clear that they see the PvP aspect as the primary endgame activity. The incorporation of PvP zones or events in the new expansions reinforces that impressin.

Personally I don't care for PvP and would love to have a play mode where I can never accidentally or intentionally interact with any player who is PvP flagged. No buffing, no healing, no guarding, no getting caught in an AoE attack. They are immune to me, I am immune to them.
Bioware has been warned that there are several exploits that allow a highlevel player to force an autoflag on a lower level player. They opted to close only some of the more glaring exploits, but not all of them.

But I am not going to ask for PvP servers to be shut down, nor for an end of voluntary PvP on the PvE servers. PvP is not for me, but I do realise that a lot of players enjoy the PvP gameplay some or all the time. I just wish more players would be willing to extend the courtesy in the other direction as well.