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01.29.2013 , 11:02 AM | #26
This is dumb and does not work. See

All this application does is remove pageable memory from the applications working set. What is a working set? It's a collection of pageable memory that is currently located within the physical RAM of the system. This is good. If the process attempts to access a memory page that isn't in the working set, it results in a page fault. A page fault means the process must load the page from the backing store, ie, the page file. This is bad. Trimming the working set will cause more page faults and cause more swap file activity. Again, this is bad.

Don't fck with windows memory management, it knows better than you and it knows better than this app the best way to handle memory management.

With reference to memory leaks, it's probably there are some in swtor, there were many in WoW and they exist in many large applications. A simplistic tool like this isn't going to help with them, they are next to impossible to even reliably detect in optimised compiled executables and are usually only detectable with advanced (and usually expensive) code analysis tools at or before compile time.