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I use it paired with Healing scan when in trouble or Fusion missle as an opener. No use do it with Concussion missle when any damage just breaks the effect or affected player just uses his CC breaker. Not to mention you have to choose between Electro dart or Jet boost afterwards because it fills the targets resolve bar to full on the second CC which is quite bad when fighting a melee.
Instant Concussion Round > Start healing. Preferably right in front of them. Works wonders, and you just know they're seething as you sit there and heal yourself back up to full. Best used after you know they've used their trinket of course.

In the zerg there's definitely an argument for TO > Medical Probe. Possibly followed by an Advanced Medical Probe if you're gunnery and have 5 stacks of charged barrel you didn't want to use hurting someone. Also nice to get off an instant grav round.

Honestly, using it to insta cast plasma grenade is about the worst use I can think of it. That ability is too good as an interrupt baiter.
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