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for 22/17/2(Kinetic/Infil Hybrid)

i have some questions about that spec if u dont mind! i am new to shadow and a casual player! from start wanted a kin/inf build and your post was first where i see one! i am at work and have bad english so i be short! please forgive me!
for that spec u use shadow tecnique? with shield ( heard shield are not so good in pvp but u put many points in shield procs) or focus? this spec is used with tank gear i understand but my dps wont be low? u have ponts in talents for shadow technique(circling shadows) and ponts in talents for combat tec (particle acceleration and impact control for example..) so i am confused!
This spec requires combat technique. You wear a shield and full tank gear. Your dps in this spec will be lower than any other spec most likely. The point of this spec is to be very hard to kill, not to do good dps. The points in circling shadows and particle acceleration are so that you can move up to the next tier of talents.
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