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As others have said, switching back and forth without switching out gear is totally reasonable. If you're not sure what set to buy, I'd recommend getting Force-Mystic 2-piece first, as it reduces the CD on Innervate. In high damage situations, you'll use Innervate on CD so it's very useful. The 2-piece for Force-Master is pretty useless for a Lightning spec since you really should not have any force regen problems with that spec.

That said, if you have any second thoughts about spending the majority of your time healing, go DPS. If you're pugging you'll mostly be healing, and if you're in a guild with a healer shortage you'll never DPS again. On the flip side, you'll get many more groups as a healer, and the gear you'll get is still good for Lightning in case you find a guild that needs a DPS.
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