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Re /stuck this would be put under a vote, between the teams.

If no /stuck will be agreed I would need a screen shots to penalize this player.
Player caught doing this will be disqualified for the next match. If the same player will do this a second time he will miss three matches.

So /stuck will be put upon a vote when all teams will be decided, between the Guilds participating.

Still some guilds are not showing there interest so we might end up with more then 10 teams; Fubar, Imp Fleet All Stars, Jedi Sith 'Ari, NKPD, Girls From Pve, Devils Dice.

These are teams I have met in Ranked WZ in recent weeks.


Seeing the recent feedback most probably it will be a 1 million credits fee. If we have ten participants this will be a ten million prize. Winner takes 70% second takes 30%
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