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Well you are choosing wrong server if you like to queue normal warzones. Only night time it is kinda ok becouse this is when freaks are up.

Issues playing prime time 10am-11pm:
- Half team doesn't speak/understand english.
- People suck so hard. And i am AVG player and i can still see that.
- Nobody wants to defend and if someone defends it is normally 14k sage.
- Good premades are pretty ruthless and they seem to always just win fast as possible where you can't really get any medals.
- PEOPLE ALWAYS GO FOR EASY KILLS RATHER THAN WIN. And this means that if there is 1vs6 situation people rather finish that one person before they start helping other nodes and this is normally just too late.
- Games are super boring. A) They are like ping pong where you lose node and cap node same time. B) You cap two nodes and enemy team gives up and starts farming defending medal.

But balance is pretty much 50/50

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Nice list, I may add that Imperials tend to leave warzones more often than Reps
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